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Mystics’ Natasha Cloud Speaks Up, Looking to Enact Change

Natasha Cloud, shown during a recent game against the Chicago Sky, is striving to get her voice heard on an important issue facing Washington D.C. and many other communities

Natasha Cloud of the Washington Mystics is speaking out and she is hoping that her call to action can be the beginnings of a change.

After speaking to school kids at Hendley Elementary School in Washington D.C. on Thursday morning, Cloud was told by a teacher that the school had to cancel their field trip day because the day before a bullet went through one of the school windows. And it wasn’t the first time a bullet has gone through one of Hendley’s windows. In fact it was the third one – in just the last month.

Cloud, who has lent her voice to activism and social causes before, decided enough was enough. She took to social media to call those in power out in an attempt to spur elected officials, and others, into action.

“We gotta do better for our youth. We gotta do better for our community…D.C. do better,” said Cloud in an Instagram video published shortly after she left the school.

Cloud has called for a media blackout in order to raise awareness of these types of shootings in D.C. unless she was to hear from Mayor Murial Bowser or Ward 8 Council member Trayon White by 9:45 this morning regarding a solution or to set up a meeting to discuss the issue.

Cloud has the support of many on social media

Washington City Paper story:

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